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Mirrors serve a very important purpose in our lives. They help us notice when we are not looking good so we could correct things up. Depending on the size, shape and style, the traditional mirrors have several many different types. Whether you are buying a mirror for your house, or office or someplace else, the first thing you would need to decide on is what type of mirror you want. Below is a brief description of some of the types of traditional mirrors to help you see the bigger picture. If you prefer something really specific you need mirror cut to size. Another big trend right now are mirror tiles.

Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are usually for a full body view. They are large sized mirrors and carry some space too. So, they are not just mirrors, but a part of your general room decoration too. Therefore, you need to be able to decide which space such traditional mirrors would you give to and then further on design that could enhance the beauty of your overall room.

Wall Mirrormiranda-capiz-mirror-j

Another similar type of traditional mirrors is the wall mirror. It could be a full body size long mirror or a small one just to see one face at a time or even in rectangular shape to fit in multiple faces at a time. As obvious from the name, they are attached with the walls so they do not take any space on your floor, but still need some charm to help your overall room look good.

Table Mirror

Usually in offices or some small private places, table mirrors are kept. These mirrors have a specific objective and purpose because of their small size and shape. You can put them in your drawer whenever you need to empty some space from your table, and can put them back on when you need them.

Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors in your bathroom can also be of many types in traditional mirrors category. From a standard mirror, to mirrored cabinets and illuminated mirrors, there are several options for you to discuss and decide about. Bathroom traditional mirrors are very important however, they can also be used to give your bathroom a special glow.

Dressing Mirror

Dressing mirrors are usually used for the purposes of getting ready in front of a mirror. You would usually have all your makeup kit, clothes and everything else right in front of you and using that dressing mirror you would get ready to look perfect and beautiful.

Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors, as clear from the name, are meant to magnify, enhance the size. So, generally they are used in labs, etc for scientific purposes. However, sometimes for dealing with pimples, acne, etc. magnifying mirrors can be useful.

Fancy Mirror

Finally, in the category of traditional mirrors, we have fancy mirrors. The word fancy might make is sound like untraditional. But since they are built within the traditional idea of mirrors, so they still serve the same purpose, but their fanciness is an added feature which takes their purposes beyond what traditional mirrors are meant to do.

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