Benefits of Recessed Downlights for Bathroom Explained


People have been switching to bathroom downlights, since they realize more benefits compared to traditional form of lighting. They help make your bathroom appear spacious and simple, as well as ensuring modern decor remains intact. When you need to use bathroom mirror, downlights allow you to illuminate the intended area without getting disruptions from multiple reflections from all corners.

Downlights direct light downwards, unlike uplighters that propagate light upwards. Most of them can be recessed into the ceiling so that the light intensity is totally concentrated below the source of light. They also save space because the space above is not restricted by hanging lighting, hence creating a roomier bathroom. They don’t require much effort during installation, and the maintenance is quite easy. You don’t require keeping your eye throughout while in the bathroom because they are just at the same level as the ceiling, hence unlikely to be hit by a stray object.

37-Home-Improvement-Ideas-to-Maximize-Your-Living-Space-01If you compare the downlights and the other conventional forms f lighting, you will realize a big difference as far as functionality and decoration are concerned. They are streamlined and recessed into the ceiling, giving your bathroom a decent look. You don’t need to hang bulbs in the bathroom, since this is already an old style of bathroom decor. When you are remodelling your bathroom, it is easy to remove and add new fixtures without un-installing the downlights. They are not only beneficial in providing you with the best lighting in your bathroom, but also enhance the existing decor of your entire house components.

Interestingly, even those with smaller bathrooms will make the space bigger by installing downlights. The entire space is illuminated, eliminating those dark corners you sometimes encounter while in the bathroom. This makes it easy for you to utilize some components such mirror appropriately, without unwelcoming shadows and reflections.

There are no restrictions where to install your downlights, whether on the ceiling, walls, or just around the shower head. You can also install around the mirror and bathtub, or any other component within your bathroom. The essence is to keep your bathroom fully illuminated, and have some control of the lighting depending on the time of the day or night. The bathroom will also look more modern plus better lighting coverage. Custom lighting you need in your bathroom can be achieved through installing downlights. Some recessed downlights come with dimming feature, which allows users to control the strength of light. The dim control helps homeowners to set the desired lighting depending on various times of the day and night.

However, ‘IP’ rating is required at every zone where the downlights are installed. This is basically to provide more protection against short-circuiting whenever water or moisture penetrates. IP rated downlights are specifically made to improve security, as they prevent short circuiting within the zones. In other words, bathroom downlights offer many benefits to users. They are a great investment that will make a house the best place for you and your family.

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